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Last year, we planted a lot of milkweed so we would be able to gather seed from our land. We already had Common Milkweed from seed we spread over the years, but we added Swamp, Whorled, and Butterfly Milkweeds. (Did you know there are 11 milkweeds native to Michigan?) To our surprise, Monarchs seem to prefer Swamp Milkweed, with Butterfly Weed as their second choice. Most of the Common Milkweed is untouched.

It’s pretty amazing that a butterfly can smell a tiny Swamp Milkweed by itself in the middle of a field, way before it blooms or even has buds, and seeks it out to lay an egg. But the proof is in the caterpillars on each tiny plant. If you’d like to expand your butterfly habitat, check out the four kinds we offer at

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