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Shop: Shade

Greenhouse open by appointment only

  • Plants delivered late May through October. Dates depend on growing conditions. Pickup time is arranged when plants are ready. 

  • Orders filled in order received. Peak season (May) orders may take 4 or more weeks. Please order early for spring planting.

  • All orders subject to availability.

  • Wholesale rates available.

  • Out of Stock? We are growing more. Select the "Notify when in stock" button on the product page to receive an automatic email.

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Quart Pot

A deep 4x4.5" square pot is our standard.  Well-developed roots help the plant establish quickly.  All plants are in a quart pot unless otherwise stated.

Plug Flat

A plastic tray with 38 plants.  Single-species or pre-designed kits. Economically plant larger areas.  5" deep and spaced for optimal crown growth.

Gallon Pots

Large round pots filled with shrubs or mature plants for garden showpieces.

Plants for Shade

These plants do well in shaded environments. Some prefer dappled or part shade, some can tolerate full shade. Full shade means less than three hours of direct sun per day. Plants for full shade can grow under dense trees or on the north side of buildings where they get almost no direct sun. Plants for part shade need between 3 and 6 hours of direct sun or dappled sun. Select plants for your soil type - some need rich forest loam, some do fine in dry sandy loam or under pines.

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