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Our Store Policies


Welcome to our native plant website! We have amazing plants. Wonderful stuff grown with love and care that is locally sourced, reasonably priced, and includes special woodland species that just can't be found elsewhere. We know, right!

Here's the thing:  shipping is expensive, bad for the plants, and very, very time consuming. At this time, we do not ship quart or gallon pots. If you want these special plants, Marquette is lovely. We will be happy to arrange your greenhouse pickup so it coincides with your travel plans.

If you would like plug flats or garden kits, please contact us to see if and when shipping is available before ordering. Shipping of plug flats is available to certain states after the spring rush is done.


There is a minimum restocking fee of 20% of your order total to cover the time and costs of canceling and refunding orders for people who did not read our shipping policies before ordering. The maximum fee of 65% will apply if we held the plants for you for more than two weeks during the busy season (April/May/June) when they would have been easy to sell to someone else and you subsequently canceled your order. Please note that our shipping policy link pops up during every website visit in an attempt to avoid such problems. Our shipping policy: 

1) Quart and gallon pots must be picked up at the nursery by appointment. Shipping is not available for items in quart or gallon pots.

2) Plug flat & garden kit shipping is limited and must be pre-arranged.

Thanks for reading, and for planting native!

DBNUP Lupine 2023 patch clump Large.jpeg
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