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Fall Tips:  Don't Forget to Leave the Leaves

In the fall, it is beneficial, and easy, to leave the leaves.  Beneficial insects attracted to your wildflowers will overwinter in the leaf litter, even inside the stems, especially native bees.  Wait until the garden warms up in the spring and insects are hatched out before raking or burning litter, or leave it to compost naturally.


Fall Tips:  Plant NOW

Most people think of gardening as a spring activity, but native plants want you to know that now is a great time to plant.  Planting in late summer or early fall will give your plants a head start now, while the growing is easy.  That will help them leap out of the gate next spring before your neighbor has even turned their dirt.  As long as the soil retains some heat - well into fall, their roots will keep growing.  Read more reasons for late-season planting here.


Fall Tips:  Native Soils are Good For Native Plants

One of the nice things about native plants is that they are just easier.  You do not need to fertilize.  You do not need to amend the soil.  Soils that are too rich can make native plants leggy and floppy, and can encourage fast-growing weeds. Some native plant flat-out prefer poor soil.  Embrace it!  Buy plants suited to your location and skip the shoveling.