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Shop: Bird Habitat

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  • Plants available late May through October. Dates depend on growing conditions. Pickup time will be arranged when plants are ready. 

  • Orders filled in the order received. Orders placed in May may not be ready until late June.

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  • We offer wholesale rates for large orders.

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Quart Pot

A deep 4x4.5" square pot is our standard.  Well-developed roots help the plant establish quickly.  Check out our deal if you buy 5 quart pots!

Plug Flat

A plastic tray with 38 plants.  Single-species or pre-designed kits. Economically plant larger areas.  5" deep and spaced for optimal crown growth.

Gallon Pots

Large round pots filled with shrubs or mature plants for garden showpieces.

Bird Habitat

I am often asked which native plants will support birds. The answer is "all of them." Almost all birds either eat insects or feed insects to their young, and insects need native plants to complete their life cycles. There will be insects living on and in the leaves, stems, and flowers of your native plants, and that is great news for birds. In addition, birds will also variously use the seeds and fruit of native plants, and will use leaves, stems, and bark for nest material. Even the silk of spiders attracted to the insects on native plants is an essential nest material for some birds.


That said, here is a collection of plants that do double-duty, offering insects plus seeds, fruit, or nest material. This list is based in part on the Audubon Native Plants Database, but also data from other texts and my own experience watching birds interact with our plants. We have a separate shop page for plants that offer the best hummingbird nectar and insect host plants (hummingbirds eat insects too!).

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