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Devil's Bite - Make Room in Your Garden

Looking for a native plant that provides a slash of color to highlight your garden or enliven your meadow? Meet Devil's Bite (Liatris scariosa), also known as Northern or Savannah Blazing Star. This rugged beaut has a brilliant pink to purple flower bloom that starts at the tip of the flower stalk in August and cascades color downward through September.

A favorite nectar source for bees and butterflies, Devil's Bite grows around 2 feet tall in the wild, but can get much bigger if cultivated. This handsome devil is not the least bit fussy - it thrives in full sun or partial shade, medium to dry soil, and loam or sand. It's a looker in borders or meadows, and when the flowers finally stop, watch the birds feast on its abundant seed. Order now for May pick-up at!

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