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Native Plant Nursery and Sales

Designs By Nature 
U.P. Native Plants

A U.P. Native Plant Nursery

Committed to Producing Robust, Pesticide-Free Native Plants

Designs By Nature - Upper Peninsula Native Plants, LLC, produces native Michigan wildflowers, woodland plants, shrubs, grasses, and sedges.  Plants are containerized in roomy quart pots, economical plug flats, or dramatic gallon pots. We also offer beautiful garden kits tailored to specific needs to make naturalizing your space easy and cost-effective.  Our plants are sourced from the UP whenever possible, started in the greenhouse, and then hardened off.  We believe the plants we sell should be every bit as tough and unique as the Yoopers who garden here.


Serving beginner to seasoned gardeners, landscapers, and agencies fighting the good fight, we’ll help make your space naturally beautiful. From wetland species to forest natives, to prairie and pine barren sun lovers, we offer something for every habitat.  Pick up a garden show-stopper that will also attract native butterflies and birds, create a native meadow habitat teeming with life, fight erosion, restore a wetland, create a rain garden, diversify your lawn with low-growing wildflowers, and help save the planet one UP native plant at a time.