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Wild Strawberry - Fragaria virginiana

Wild Strawberry - Fragaria virginiana

Fragaria virginiana, the more common type of Michigan wild strawberry, is a perennial wildflower native to the UP. It is also known as ode’iminagaawanzh/iig

(heart - berry - perennial plant/s), according to the Great Lakes Lifeways Institute.

Strawberries reach 6 inches tall and flower from April to June with a white blossom, followed by small berries that put their larger domestic cousins to shame with a burst of sweet flavor. Beloved by birds, wildlife (including turtles!), beneficial insects, and kids alike, plant lots to make sure you get to try a few before they are gone. The plants will spread by runners if there is available bare soil.

Versitile and hardy, it prefers full sun and medium loam, but is not phased by part shade, dry soil, acidic soil, sand, gravel, or rocks. Tolerates being mowed, making it a canidate for a native habitat lawn, but mowing will inhibit flowering and berries. We have even observed this plant living in the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, as well as in dry pine forest enviornments. Cultivate it in a garden for its fruit, or try some as a ground cover in your difficult spots!

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