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Vervain, Hoary - Verbena stricta

Vervain, Hoary - Verbena stricta

Verbena stricta, also known as Hoary Vervain, is a perennial wildflower possibly native to Michigan. Michigan Flora's current stance is that it is probably adventive - spreading from regional native sources into disturbed ground such as railroad grades throughout lower Michigan and the southern UP. It is well suited to dry prairie or meadow habitats and makes attractive clumps. It can be crowded out by larger vegetation over time.

Plant reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and flowers from June to September with a purple blossom. The long bloom time makes this an attractive garden plant, as well as providing a steady source or resources to pollinators. Verbena species also support a specialist verbena bee. A variety of birds utilize the seeds and the leaves host insects which support birds during the breeding season.


Hoary Vervain forms attractive clumps and can add accents of color to meadow plantings, gardens, or as a border. Also good for rock gardens and shallow soils. It prefers full sun to partial shade with dry soil and will grow in loam or sand.

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