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Getting Ready for Fall Planting

We spent today moving everything out of our north greenhouse yard, sorting out mixed-up flats, setting up new benches, and taking inventory for fall sales.

What? Fall sales?

Yes, we are still in full swing. Late summer/early fall is a great time to plant perennial native plants. The heat of summer is fading, we've been getting more rain, and the plants still have plenty of time to get their roots down before the ground freezes solid. Anything that doesn't get sold this fall we will overwinter and have ready to come on strong in the spring, but the plants would probably prefer to winter with their roots tucked safely into your soil.

To that end, I wanted to let you know that our plants will be available at a few different locations in August and early September:

Farmers' Markets

We will continue to attend Wednesday evening Marquette Farmer and Artists' Market, and may be at the Wednesday Farmers' Market in Skandia a few more times. We are also trying to get one or two more dates at the Saturday Marquette Farmer and Artists' Market. The best way to find out which market we have coming up is to check our Facebook page at UP Native Plants or the What's Happening page on our website. We will have different plants every time and will bring a selection of the best the greenhouse has to offer. An added bonus at the markets, if I do say so myself, is that my daughters will be there selling hand-crafted jewelry and balloon animals created before your very eyes. <gasp>

Purple flowers in a greenhouse
Monkey Flower

Marquette Food Co-op

Speaking of right before you eyes, that's where our plants will be if you shop at the Marquette Food Co-op! We are now a MFC vendor and will be offering a changing selection each week starting mid-August to help wild up your space before winter throws a blanket over gardening for the year.

Marquette County Conservation District Fall Sale

Finally, we will be participating in the Marquette County Conservation District's fall native plant sale! As a special offer for this Conservation District event, we will be offering garden kits in plug flats with 38 plants. That's six more plants to fill your sandy soil or rain garden, create habitat for butterflies or birds, or just enjoy the uniquely natural beauty that native wildflowers and grasses have to offer. Check the Conservation District website to pre-order garden kits for this sale. Pre-orders accepted until close of business on August 20. Pick up of garden kits will be at the Conservation District offices at 780 Commerce Dr. Suite C, Marquette, MI 49855, on August 28.

For those of you who have wished they could just browse our greenhouse, let us bring the greenhouse to you on August 28! The Conservation District won't be doing pre-orders for quart pots for this sale. Instead, we will be bringing everything we can for you to shop on-site. The Conservation District will be posting our list of main offerings, but we will also be bringing some of our more exotic items, or things that we have in limited quantities. The best browsing will happen early and we hope to see you there!

Of course, you can always order off our website at

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