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Four Reasons to Order Native Plants Now

Greenhouse covered in snow, with dog
It sure doesn't look like spring on the outside.

Already been stalking the website and have an idea of what you would like to plant?

Despite the fresh snow, we are taking orders for May pickup!

Here are four reasons to order now:

1. Get Your Plants Sooner

We fill orders in the order in which they are received. We have had a surprising number of orders already this spring. Ordering now will secure your place in line as we fill orders in May and June.

2. Lay Claim to Limited Inventory

We grow a lot of things in our greenhouse. It looked large when we built it, but it feels quite small in the spring when flats of plants cover every inch of space and protrude from under every table. For the many species we are only able to grow a flat or two of seedlings. Ordering now is a way to ensure that you get the things you really want, even if we sell out. Not sure about your entire order? You can always lock in your favorites now and add a second order later. Your place in the pickup line is secured by your first order.

3. Help Us Plan and Grow

Benches in a greenhouse covered with plastic trays of soil and seeds
Some of our seed trays

For some species whose seeds require long winter treatment to germinate, the quantity we have to sell is fixed. There is no more time to prepare additional seed for planting this year. For other species, however, it is not too late for us to start a second or third batch of seed if it is in high demand. The more people who order now, the easier it will be for us to ensure we have enough plants to fill all the orders.

4. Get First Dibs on New Plants

There are 20 new species and garden kits that have been added to the website since last growing season. Stay tuned, because there are more to come, but here are the latest nine, available to order now!

  1. Early Goldenrod - more goldenrod! We love it so much, and the bees and birds and butterflies do, too! This compact plant has a bright fireworks-shaped bloom beginning in July. This means abundant nectar and pollen is available weeks sooner than with other goldenrods. And don't worry - Early Goldenrod is saving all that pollen for its favorite bees. It is not airborne and does not cause seasonal allergies.

  2. Fireweed - I am so excited to finally offer this tall, bright, exuberant flower! It adds a lot of color to our lineup, and it will do the same for you. Dark pink, tube-shaped flowers are hummingbird favorites.

  3. Rose Mallow Hibiscus - Pink and white flowers that are each 4 to 6 inches wide? Yes please. Natives are often accused of not being as showy as hybrid plants. This one puts those claims to shame.

  4. Prairie Phlox - cheerfully pink and delightfully early, this one will banish winter blues for sure. Especially when the first hummingbirds of the year find it!

  5. White Snakeroot - add a layer of habitat and frothy white flowers under your trees with this shady ground cover. Durable enough that it is being tested as a foil for invasives.

  6. Prairie Dropseed - one of the prettiest and most well-mannered of the native grasses. Fine-textured foliage arches out from the center, punctuated by pink-tinged flowers. Perfect for landscaping. Even the Green Bay Botanical Garden uses this plant to frame its flower displays.

  7. Ninebark - shrubs! By popular demand, and I do mean _demand_, we are increasing our production of shrubs. Ninebark, with its white flowers in spring, attractive foliage, and the winter interest provided by curling bark and cones of seeds seemed like a great place to start.

  8. Flat-Topped Aster - this aster is tall and showy, with generous clumps of white florets. It blooms earlier than other asters and is a great host plant for butterflies.

  9. Alternative Lawn Kit - this kit provides native plants that are mowable to help create vibrant habitat while still maintaining some of the aesthetics of a low lawn. Great for pollinators. Available in versions for sun or shade.

Now is a Great Time to Order Native Plants

Make sure you get your plants early, secure your favorites, and pick from our new offerings by ordering now, all while helping us plan and grow your favorite plants. For the month of April, take 15% off an Alternative Lawn Kit with code "Altlawn" at checkout. See your soon!


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