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  • Michelle

Meet the Neighbors!

A big order for a Partridge Creek Farm project in Ishpeming
That's a lot of plants!

The spring growing rush is slowing down, to be replaced by all the spring order pickups! So far we have delivered hundreds of quart pots and nearly a dozen garden kits. It has been so much fun meeting some of you as we pass the plants on to their new homes. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our weekend special offer, some new things in our store, and let you know how the rest of you can get to know us.

First, we are at the Skandia Farmers Market on most Wednesdays from 4 to 7 pm. We weren't initially planning to be market sellers, but a friend invited us, it's really close to our house, and it was lots of fun! If you have time on a Wednesday evening, come say hi and pick up a plant or two. It's at 9271 US Highway 41 S, Skandia, MI 49885, which is just south of Beaver Grove and about 12 minutes south of Marquette. There are lots of other vendors, too: vegetable plant starts, flowers, veggies, meat, syrup, baskets, carvings, baked goods, honey, and of course, Michigan UP native plants.

The first ever Yooper Garden Kits containing plants from all UP seed for the Conservation District plant sale
Yooper Garden Kits

Next, we will be at the Marquette County Conservation District plant sale pickup on June 12. If you ordered plants from them, stop by and say hi while picking up your order. If you missed buying a 38-cell Yooper Garden Kit from the District, we have the 32-plant version available on our website in both sun and shade versions.

Holiday Weekend Sale! $5 off the brand new Yooper kit this weekend only, through Tuesday. Enter code "Yooper" or "YooperShade" at checkout.

We may do a plant yard sale in June outside our greenhouse. I need family buy-in for this one, so stay tuned. I'll let you know in June if its a go.