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Goldenrod, Zig Zag - Solidago flexicaulis

Goldenrod, Zig Zag - Solidago flexicaulis

Solidago flexicaulis, or Zig Zag Goldenrod, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the UP. 

A lush goldenrod for shade to part shade. Adds a bright hint of gold to woodland plants, which often have white or blue-ish flowers. Flowers in autumn, providing the late season resources pollinators need to prepare for winter. Angular stems add texture and give the plant its name. 1-3’ tall, with large leaves in a rich forest green with distinctive zig-zag stems.


This plant is considered a Keystone Native Plant according to the National Wildlife Federation Keystone Native Plants list for our ecoregion. Plants in this family are used by 120 species of caterpillar as a host plant. Since most birds feed their young almost exclusively on caterpillars during nesting season, utilizing this plant in your landscape also supports birds. This plant family also supports 22 species of pollen specialist bees, making it a great choice for pollinator support.

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