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Yarrow, Common - Achillea millefolium

Yarrow, Common - Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium, also referred to as Common Yarrow or Ajidamoowaanow (squirrel tail) / Waabigooniinzens (flower which is little) (Ojibwemowin), is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the UP. It is hardy, prefers poor soil, and spreads by rhizome. Blooming from May to early August, it has a disk of white flowers enjoyed by a variety of pollinators. The feathery foliage is sought by birds for nest material. Studies have suggested that using yarrow in nests inhibits bird parasites. Yarrow is also a host plant for many types of caterpillars and other beneficial insects, and has been used medicinally by humans.


Depending on conditions, yarrow can grow from one to three feet in height, but it tolerates being mowed and can be incorporated into lawns to create textural diversity and habitat. It prefers medium to dry sandy loam and full sun, and will reward you with richly textured arched leaves and sturdy stems. It is even resistant to drought, foot traffic, and deer!

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