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Wood Lily - Lilium philadelphicum

Wood Lily - Lilium philadelphicum

Lilium philadelphicum, also known as Wood Lily or Mashkodepin (prairie - tuber), is a perennial wildflower native to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One of our most dramatic flowers, it is well-suited to forest edges and meadows. 2 to 3 feet in height. Best with a bit of moisture, but also adapted to sand prairies. Periodic removal of woody vegetation keeps their habitat viable. Full to partial sun, moist to medium soil with loam or sandy loam.


We grow these from seed, and they take a minimum of three years to reach market size, but are worth the wait. Large red flowers bloom early to mid-summer, with multiple blossoms on mature stalks. They are pollinated by bees, large butterflies, and many others, including hummingbirds, who never met a red flower they didn’t like. They know their business, because you aren’t going to find a more exciting flower in the U.P.

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