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Side Oats Grama - Bouteloua curtipendula

Side Oats Grama - Bouteloua curtipendula

Bouteloua curtipendula, also known as side oats grama, is a short perennial prairie grass native to Michigan. Looking for a decorative clumping grass that thrives in poor, dry soil? This is it! Its odd name reflects its habit of growing all its red/orange flowers and seeds on one side of a graceful stem, with Grama coming from the Latin gramina (grass).*

Plant reaches 2 feet tall with a clumping habit.  It puts out most of its growth and blooms once the weather is warm.  The extensive deep rhizome root system makes it useful for stabilizing slopes and controlling erosion. Foliage is utilized by herbavores and insects, and those insects plus the seeds are eaten by birds. In addition to rich orange flowers in summer, the leaves are tinged pink in the fall.

Side Oats Grama prefers full sun to partial shade, dry soil, and will grow in rocky soil, loam, or sand.  It is well suited to calcareous substrates (limestone or dolomite bedrock), but limestone is not required.  Side Oats Grama can also be mowed regularly to 3-4", making it useful as a component of alternative lawns. To enjoy its full beauty, use it as a garden accent or border, or plant a row along a walkway or wall.


*Data source:

Cover picture taken at the John Ball Zoo, which uses native plants exensively in their landscaping.


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