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Rock Harlequin - Corydalis sempervirens

Rock Harlequin - Corydalis sempervirens

Corydalis sempervirens, also known as Rock Harlequin, is an annual or biannual wildflower native to Michigan and the UP.


We first met this little plant hiking the Old Growth Trail by Wetmore Pond.  There was a beautiful dash of color - pale foam green, bright pink, and sunny yellow - growing out of a crack in a glacier-carved rock that had no buisness supporting plant life.  Since then we have encountered it on many UP hikes, and it has become one of our favorite plants.  It is our UP native plant mascot.


In our garden, the skipper butterflies cannot get enough of it.  It reseeds itself several times in a year, providing a whole season of delicate blooms.  If it likes the habitat (disturbed, preferably rocky soils), it will reseed for years. It doesn't like competition though, so keep larger plants away.

Rock Harlequin reaches 1-3 feet tall and flowers from May to October with a pink/yellow blossom that butterflies and tiny pollinators love.
It prefers full sun to partial shade, medium to dry soil and will grow in loam and rocky soils.  This plant is often found on rock outcroppings, living in cracks and pockets of rough, dry soil.  It is a far more durable than its delicate appearce suggests.  Try it in a rock garden or areas of poor soil.  This plant is beautiful and Yooper tough.

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