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Long-stalked Sedge, Carex pedunculata

Long-stalked Sedge, Carex pedunculata

Carex pedunculata, or Long-stalked Sedge, is a perennial sedge native to Michigan but more common in the U.P. This attractive, evergreen sedge reaches 10 inches in height and forms clumps of leaves with reddish-brown sheaths. It prefers part shade to shade, and moist to dry habitat resembling deciduous and mixed forest.  These sedges have interesting springtime flowers. Perfect for adding rich green ground accents to a shady planting, especially when the evergreen foliage pokes through early or late-season snows.


In general, sedge plays an important role in protecting soil and providing food for wildlife. Rodents and birds, including turkey, grouse, woodcock, and songbirds eat the seeds. Rabbits and deer consume the leaves and stems as well as a wide variety of insects, some of them Carex specialists. 



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