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Sticker: Monarch Maxim

Sticker: Monarch Maxim

Plants are meant to be eaten! Wild up your world with this philosopy of modern gardening.  Plants do not exist in a vacumn; valued only as human eye candy. Plants play intricate roles with each other and with a plethora of living things. They are the primary means of transferring energy from the sun into the food chain, and they do that by being munched. Get the word out with this sticker on a water bottle, laptop, or any other item that could use a little eco-bling!


Sticker is original artwork, drawn and produced by family artist Zoë Stephens.

High-quality sticker paper is finished with an acrylic spray to add water resistance. Prolonged sun exposure may cause fading. Approximate size is 3.5 x 3.5 inches. 


Looking for a gift idea? Have the sticker mailed, or pair it with a gift certificate for native plants.


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