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Pale Agoseris - Agoseris glauca

Pale Agoseris - Agoseris glauca

A substitute for non-native dandelions, Agoseris glauca, also known as Pale Agoseris or False Dandelion, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan, specifically to sandy jack pine barrens in the northern central lower peninsula. 

Plant reaches 1 foot tall and blooms early and long with yellow flowers from June to September.  It even makes a giant puffball of a seedhead, like a dandelion on steroids, for your wish-making enjoyment (the seeds are quite a bit stiffer than Eurpoean dandelion, so it will take some enthusiastic wish-making).

It prefers full sun to partial shade, medium to dry soil and will grow in loam or sand. In addition to nectar and pollen for pollinators, this plant offers early-season fluff for bird nests.

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