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Jewelweed - Impatiens capensis

Jewelweed - Impatiens capensis

Impatiens capensis is an annual native plant native to Michigan and the UP that lives up to the name Jewelweed - its tender green foliage is accented by sparkles of orange flowers over a long season.  A lover of moist soils (ditches, stream banks, wetland) in the right habitat, Jewelweed will reseed (explosively) for next year and form large colonies.  It grows to 2 to 5 feet in height, depending on conditions, and prefers moist soil in either shade or sun. It blooms July to September, and is ideal for north-facing slopes and areas near streams and inland lakes.


This plant is beloved by hummingbirds for its nectar and is one of the few plants that can compete against garlic mustard.  Butterflies, bumblebees and other long-tongued bees also love Jewelweed. The seeds that explode from the seed pod are eaten by ground-feeding birds and insects.  Because the seed pods pop open when touched, the plant is also called Touch-Me-Not, but you should definitely touch it; common lore says that the sap can cure stinging nettle or poison ivy when rubbed on the affected area.


We had a test plant in the greenhouse that went to seed, and now we have Jewelweed all along one wall. I can't say I mind.

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