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Inland Lakeshore Garden Kit

Inland Lakeshore Garden Kit

Plants that like lakefront living, arranged into zones to plant right down to the water's edge. Native lakeshore plants are perfect because of their extensive roots that are at least as deep as the plant is tall. These root systems are also often massive in volume, with a tangle of fibers that binds soil together. Turf grass has very shallow roots by comparison.


In times of low water, native plants can survive without watering because they can reach moisture deep below. In times of high water, their sturdy roots can hold tough against waves and ice. Native plants and their root systems are also great at soaking up runoff and reducing water pollution.


Native plants are adapted to our wildlife, birds, and pollinators. For example, while a Monarch butterfly may sip nectar from any number of plants, they require native milkweed to feed their caterpillars. There are many of these relationships between native plants and wildlife, so lend a hand and create habitat while creating your beautiful, strong, native plant lakeshore garden.


This mix of plants will provide flowers, food, and habitat for a variety of beneficial insects, pollinators, and birds, all while protecting from erosion and preserving water quality. This kit includes groupings of plants meant to be planted in one of three different zones:


  • Zone 1 is below the water line, in the lake. Wild Blue Iris and Three-square Bulrush are Zone 1 plants and are the most water-tolerant in this kit, but small iris should not be planted directly in the water. Instead, plant just above the waterline and allow them to spread into the water when established.  The bulrush comes with a piece of rootstock and may be planted in shallow water.
  • Zone 2 is transitional, above the waterline, and ranges from wet to frequently moist. Plants may include Red Osier Dogwood, Meadowsweet, Ninebark, Joe Pye Weed, Fox Sedge, Purplestem Aster, Shining Aster, Flattop Aster, Swamp Milkweed, Boneset, Monkey Flower, Blue LobeliaCulver’s Root, Blue Vervain, Mosquito Bulrush, Fox Sedge, Bog Goldenrod, Cardinal Flower, Dogtooth Daisy, Turtlehead, or others
  • Zone 3 is upland with medium soil, suitable for most native plants. The plants included to get you started on your native plant garden may include New England Aster, Stiff or Grass-leaved Goldenrod, Spiderwort, Sweet Black-eyed Susan, Mountain Mint, Wild Bergamot, Tall or Paleleaf Sunflower, Harebell, Nodding Wild Onion, Marsh Blazingstar, or others.


This economical kit includes 38 plugs that fill 38 square feet at 1 foot spacing - a 4'x9.5' bed; or up to 86 square feet at 1.5 sq. ft. spacing - a 6'x14' bed. Comes with a planting guide. Each plant is individually tagged for identification and all tags include height so you can alter the layout to suit your space. These are the intended species, but substitutions may be necessary depending on germination and growing conditions. Note that the picture is an example of our plants in a plug tray. We don't have pictures of this actual mix yet and it will differ from the picture. 


Erosion Control expansion comes with an extra gallon pot of Red Osier Dogwood or Pussy Willow (specify which in a note or email) for holding soil together at the water's edge.

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