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Spotted Bee Balm - Monarda punctata

Spotted Bee Balm - Monarda punctata

Monarda Punctata is also known as Spotted Bee Balm or Horsemint. This perennial wildflower is native to southern Michigan, growing abundantly in the sandy soils in south-western Michigan. Spotted Bee Balm reaches 2 feet tall and flowers from July to September with a unique blossom - unusual, multi-tiered flower structures consisting of rings of bracts that range from mint green to white to bright pink. Nestled above the bracts are rings of snapdragon-like flowers, creamy white speckled with brown, and each topped with an arching stamen designed to paint the "shoulder blades" of pollinators with pollen for delivery to the next flower.


It prefers full sun to partial shade, wet to dry soil and will grow in loam or sand. Attracts small butterflys and unsusal pollinators. A unique addition to the garden and a lover of sandy soils!

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