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Drooping Woodland Sedge - Carex arctata

Drooping Woodland Sedge - Carex arctata

Carex arctata, Drooping Woodland Sedge, is a tall, graceful woodland evergreen sedge. It favors full to part shade in rich deciduous or hemlock forests. It can grow to 3 feet, though two feet is more typical in the UP's sandier soils. We love promoting Upper Peninsula plants, and this is one of the ones that is more common in the UP than downstate. Ours are from UP stock. 


Drooping Woodland Sedge has fine arched foliage with a cascade of seed heads on thin stems. It would pair well in a moist to medium shaded location with Baneberry, Ramps, and Zig-Zag Goldenrod. Sedges are more popular host plants than you might think, especially among various species of skipper butterfly. The seeds are frequently utilized by birds and other wildlife. This clumping sedge would work well in a shade garden or as a soft landing zone under deciduous trees. 

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