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Blue Lobelia, Great - Lobelia siphilitica

Blue Lobelia, Great - Lobelia siphilitica

Lobelia siphilitica, also known as Great Blue Lobelia, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the U.P.. This is an easy, showy native plant that everyone should have in their garden.

This pretty plant reaches 3 feet tall and flowers from July to October with a stalk of blue blossoms. Supports long-tongued bees and is a bumblebee favorite! Also visited by hummingbirds. 


Pairs well with Marsh Blazingstar, Boneset, Monkeyflower, Pale Spike Lobelia, and Indian Tobacco (shown in last picture).

It prefers partial to full sun and medium to wet, loamy soil, but will tolerate part shade. It will grow in muck, clay or loam. Plant in groups to maximize visual impact. Great for rain gardens, display gardens, and pollinator gardens.

  • Updated April 2024.

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