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Goldenrod, Hairy - Solidago hispida

Goldenrod, Hairy - Solidago hispida

Solidago hispida, also known as hairy goldenrod, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and  the UP. This plant is tough.  It takes sandy soils and hot dry conditions like a champ.  It is a compact plant with an attractive flower spike that adds a delicate flicker of color in front of taller plants.  Blooms a little sooner than other goldenrods and continues through fall.  Like all goldenrods, it is not wind pollinated and is unlikely to cause seasonal allergies.


Hairy Goldenrod reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and flowers from July to October with a yellow blossom.
It prefers full sun, dry soil and will grow in loam or sand. It is also well-suited for rocky areas and shallow soils.


Goldenrod is considered a Keystone Native Plant according to the National Wildlife Federation Keystone Native Plants list for our ecoregion. Plants in this family are used by 120 species of caterpillar as a host plant. Since most birds feed their young almost exclusively on caterpillars during nesting season, utilizing this plant in your landscape also supports birds. This plant family also supports 22 species of pollen specialist bees, making it a great choice for pollinator support.

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