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Canada Wild Rye - Elymus canadensis

Canada Wild Rye - Elymus canadensis

Elymus canadensis, also known as Canada Wild Rye, is a perennial grass native to Michigan and the UP.
It may reach 5 feet tall but 2 to 3 feet is more typical. Like most ryes, it thrives and blooms in cool weather, making it well-suited to the Upper Peninsula.

It is versatile and appreciates full sun to partial shade, wet to dry soil, and clay, loam or sand. Spreads easily but is not overly aggressive. with graceful arching seed heads. Adds late summer, fall, and winter interest to a planting. Not the best for a small planting, but great at holding soil on slopes.


Canada Wild Rye is used for habitat creation, erosion control, and as a food source for wildlife and beneficial insects.  The seeds are edible, and it makes a good cut or dried flower.


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