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Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis

Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis

This unique perennial wildflower is native to Michigan and the UP. It consists of a single stalk 4 to 9 inches tall with a dramatic white flower in spring over a whorl of leaves. The flower is followed by a cluster of red berries that add late season color. At home in boreal forests, this plant is one of the few more common in the UP than downstate. Bunchberry prefers moist, rich, acidic soils, in part shade and is well suited to pine-dominated landscapes. It is tolerant of full shade and we have observed it in almost pure sand on the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan under pine canopy.


Flowers are important for early native pollinators while birds utilize the berries. Makes an attractive and dramatic shade ground cover, especially in acidic sandy soil. Spreads slowly by rhizome. Pairs well with Canada Mayflower, starflower, and Clintonia.


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