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Clematis, Blue - Clematis occidentalis

Clematis, Blue - Clematis occidentalis

Clematis occidentalis is a beautiful perennial wildflower native to rocky or dry woods, rocky outcropings, and meadows of the Upper Peninsula.  Well suited to forests of red and white pine, but is opportunistic and is found in a variety of forested and non-forested habitats, but usually in rocky soil.  It flowers better in full sun but will take bright partial shade.  This plant is rare, not found in the lower Peninsula, and sparse in the UP.


Prefers medium to medium dry sandy loam and full to part sun.  Flowers in spring with a bluish-purple to reddish-purple blossom, with some white-flowered variation.  Vine grows to around six feet and likes to climb.


This plant is a bit difficult to propegate so quanties are limited. A half-dozen survived the great vole attack of winter 2023. Get them while they're available!


Big leaf aster, Canada mayflower, wild columbine, meadow rue, bunchberry, and bush honeysuckle make good companion plants.

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