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Black-Eye Susan - Rudbeckia hirta

Black-Eye Susan - Rudbeckia hirta

Rudbeckia hirta, also known as Black eyed Susan, is a short-lived perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the UP. Readily reseeds in favorable conditions. Naturalizes well into lawns. Plant reaches about 2 feet tall and flowers from June to October with a classic yellow and brown, daisy-shaped blossom. Best in medium moisture, medium fertility loam and full sun, but tolerates a range of conditions - full sun to partial shade, moist to dry soil , and clay, loam, or sandy soil. 


Black-eyed Susans are a favorite plant for a reason - they just won't quit. Give them some bare soil to reseed, and they will reward you no matter what the weather brings. The long bloom time of cheerful flowers is well worth the garden space.


It is a host plant for silvery checkerspot butterflies and is favored by several types of native bees. Seeds are of interest to Goldfinches. Its coarse stems and leaves are deer resistant. Black-eyed Susan even makes a great cut flower. A U.P. native plant that is easy to love.


Pairs well with Common Yarrow and Harebell.

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