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Aster, Northern Heartleaf - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum

Aster, Northern Heartleaf - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum

Symphyotrichum ciliolatum, also known as Northern Heartleaf or Lindley's Aster, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the UP. This aster is very hardy, and thrives in a variety of soils and moisture levels. It prefers medium soil but will tolerate medium dry and will grow in clay, loam or sand. It naturalizes well into lawns and tolerates being mowed.


Nothern Heartleaf Aster prefers part sun to part shade. It will do full sun if tucked in with taller plantings, or full shade in an open space, such as the north side of a building. Plant reaches 1-3 feet tall and flowers from August to September with a delicate lavendar-blue blossom.


Like all asters, Northern Heartleaf Aster is a keystone host plant, which means it feeds the caterpillars of many moths and butterflies, as well as providing nectar and pollen to support bees and other pollinators in the fall. Having a variety of asters and goldenrods is essential for supporting pollinators during the time when they are completing their life cycles, migrating, or perparing to over-winter, depending on the species. Nothern Heartleaf Aster is a beautiful, delicate addition to your lineup, especially in shady spots.

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